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Welcome to Evergreen School for Dogs. We offer tailored dog training and puppy training services for Seattle and the surrounding areas. We focus on training your dog to be a well behaved companion that you can be proud of. Your dog will learn to come to you when you call them, act appropriately in public, and become easier to manage in the home. By working with our certified dog trainers, your dog...

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Arlington Dog Training offers top rated and professional Dog Training in Arlington. [Read More]

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    Evergreen School For Dogs Offers: Destructive Behavior Resolution, Training for the Multiple Dog Home, Separation Anxiety Solutions, Confidence Building for Shy Dogs, Inappropriate Chasing Solutions (cars, dogs, bicyclist), Puppy & Adult Dog Training, Problematic Behavior Resolution (jumping, barking, nipping, etc.), Advanced Off Leash Training, Dog Aggression Mgmt/Resolution, Leash Manners (no pulling or barking at other dogs), House Training
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Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

Arlington Dog Training provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Dog Training ]

Arlington Dog Training | Quality and Reliable Pet Dog Training You Can Afford

Have you gotten a new puppy recently that is running wild all over the house? Maybe your old dog has gotten out of control when a new pet enters the house and you need some obedience training? Most people assume they can train their dog on their own, when in fact, some people make animal behavior worse by assuming they know how the a dog's mind works. Positive reinforcement is best left up to professionals. With positive training skills and attitudes, they can transform an otherwise wild animal to a trained pet easily and efficiently.

Arlington Dog Training is a great place to bring your puppy to ingrain general skills that every pet should have. Learning how to "sit", "stay", and "heel" are only a few basic commands that a puppy should learn before entering full adulthood as a dog. Without the general skill set, it will be impossible to entertain guests, to control sporadic behavior, and even take them on walks around other dogs. The most beneficial thing to do for your pet is get it into training at an early age so it adapts to the do's and don'ts of your household. While most people may think that dog training may be a waste of money or it will never work for their older dog - think about trained police dogs.

The most obedient dogs are strictly trained to obey their commander and master and do what is expected of them. Once the dog learns the commands, reinforcement is easy. A professional dog trainer can help you stay consistent in your verbiage and routine day in and day out until the new puppy or dog is accustomed to the new rule training. It can be quite a tedious task to do on your own - professionals at Arlington Dog Training are much more adapted at helping.